Nokia 3310 Reboot: Is It Really Worth Buying?

Nokia 3310 Reboot

With dozens of so-called “leaked” pictures doing rounds on the internet, you must have had your hopes up high. One of those pictures, I remember, showed Nokia 3310 reboot to feature a 41MP camera with a Lumia-like touch screen. But putting our imagination to rest, HMD global finally launched the Nokia mobile.

From amazement to nostalgia to disappointment – several ranges of emotions flowed within us. After all Nokia 3310 was the “dumb phone” we all loved – the “indestructible” phone that gave us the Snake game during our childhood.

But is it all there is?

After the first sentiment, Nokia 3310 reboot loses its charm. It fails to give us anything of value. The old lovers of this rugged phone might still have gone for it if the prices were not marked at $52 (roughly Rs. 3,500). At this price, you can get a decent smartphone with basic features.

What’s more? The phone has a 2MP camera and its trademark long battery life. Along with it, there is a browser that allows you to do basic tasks on your mobile phone. It can be a quick rescue when you need to Tweet, but your primary mobile has malfunctioned.

So where is the utility of this Nokia mobile?

HMD global has nonchalantly tried to capitalize on the memes that glorify Nokia 3310. But customers in countries like Africa and India do not care about nostalgia or memes. They want smartphones within the budget. They want sturdy phones that do not compromise on the functionality.

With Digital India moves making the rounds, no Indian customer would be inclined to go back and use a basic phone that has no Twitter, Facebook or Google Search. It is also important to note that these markets sell about 125 million smartphones per quarter. It can be said with an ease that for such a user, this Nokia mobile phone has little utility.

Nokia 3310 Reboot: A brand reboot

So what did they think when they announced this phone? According to experts, the Finnish brand wasn’t trying to sell 125 millions of this handset. They were simply trying to get people to talk about their brand. It is a way of announcing “Nokia is back!”

“The frenzy of nostalgia around the updated 3310 will deliver some much-needed consumer awareness that Nokia-branded devices are back on the shelves,” said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight.

Nokia 3310 will perform the acid test on the market. Its sales will reflect how much command the brand still has in the market – or not.

Nokia still has reason to be optimistic

Contrary to belief, original Nokia 3310 users aren’t the ones who are buying it. Most of them have moved on to smartphones and are looking for better Nokia smartphones. It is those who have never used it in the first place – especially the Gen Z who are finding it most useful.

According to Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer of HMD, the phone would serve as a good instrument for those who are looking for a “digital detox” – which is so needed for all generations today.

What do you think?

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