10 Signs & Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Having generalised Anxiety Disorder can make it hard to enjoy life, but how does one really know the difference between typical stress and anxiety?

It can be difficult to know for sure if you or someone you know is for sure suffering from anxiety. For this, take a look at the signs of Anxiety Disorder.


A person with GAD has a lot going on in their head, so it makes sense that sufferers typically have headaches. Headaches aren’t once in a blue moon.

They are pretty consistent. From personal experience, my headaches were in the frontal half of my head. My headaches increased the difficulty to concentrate.

Causing me more of a headache due to frustration.


Parts of the body to the entire body can feel shaky for someone with GAD.

For some people, they can recognise the trembling more as a jittery or vibrating feeling. These feelings will be involuntary and may or may not be visible.


It is sort of surprising all the physical symptoms GAD can cause. It can even cause nausea. Nausea is centred around the stomach.

The stomach can feel upset and make a person feel as though they need to vomit. The stomach may seem bloated as well.

Muscle Tension

Discomfort in muscles can be a physical sign of Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

The muscles will tense up more often than they should. From personal experience, a tightening has been evident in the calves and chest. (Yes, the the tension in the calf felt absolutely awful).

Difficulty Concentrating

Focusing can be hard enough, especially when something is boring, but sufferers of GAD can have a hard time focusing. For some, the inability to concentrate can effect everyday tasks.

This makes day to day life more difficult than necessary. Along with this, some feel as though their mind is blank.

Inability to Relax

Not being able to relax is a huge problem for people with generalised anxiety disorder. People with this disorder constantly feel on edge and can even worry about not being able to relax.

The inability to relax can also cause a sufferer to be restless.


Unusual amounts of sweating can be a physical sign of generalised anxiety disorder.

The sweating is not caused by a specific reason. It could not be hot out and the person could still sweat. With other mental signs and symptoms, this is a signal a person may be a sufferer of this disorder.


There is a normal amount of worrying and then there is a person with GAD’s amount of worrying. With the Anxiety disorder, worrying is uncontrollable.

The worrying gets so bad it interrupts and ruins every day activity, social life, and work. It also can cause a person to only expect the worse.

Inability to Sleep

No one likes to be unable to sleep. Sleep disturbances from GAD can be really irritating because a person can have a hard time falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

For some, a person can have a hard time staying asleep due to restlessness. Others are just unsatisfied with their sleep.

Unusual Bowel Movements

Going number two too much or too little can actually be a sign of GAD. Having inconsistent bowel movements, going too much or too little, is known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS and Anxiety go hand in hand in some sufferers.

Along with this, some people experience diarrhoea. How crappy (pun intended).

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