5 Signs You Could Be Suffering With Anal Cancer

Anal Cancer

Symptoms of the disease can be similar to other problems, including haemorrhoids or anal fissures. Five signs of the disease include:

Blood in the poo

Blood In poo

This is the most common symptoms of the disease – with half of all patients affected in this way.

Small lumps

Lumps around the anus could be a sign the disease. They can be confused with haemarrhoids – piles. Small lumps around the groin can also be an indicator of the disease


An increase in the number of size of piles can also be a warning sign of anal cancer


Pain in the anal area affects around 30 per cent of patients, charity Beating Bowel Cancer reports.

Experts suggest swelling, persistent redness or soreness around the area could also be an indicator.

Bowel habits

Difficulty in passing stools and extreme constipation are common symptom of the condition.

Feeling a continuous urge to pass a motion, with no production, possibly with increased mucus can also be a warning sign. Difficulty controlling your bowels – also known as faecal incontinence – should be investigated by a doctor.

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