10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Cancer in Woman

10 Early Signs & Symptoms in Women

Women are usually more diligent than men when it comes to their own health care. But many women ignore symptoms that may be indicative of cancer.

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Here are 10 early signs and symptoms of cancer that every women should know. Precaution is better and ignorance.


Ovarian cancer is the #1 killer of all reproductive organs. Known for years as the “silent killer” ovarian cancer has its symptoms.

  • Bloated?
  • Feeling full even though you didn’t eat much?
  • Having lower back pains?

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Change in bowels or urinating more frequently? Women with these chronic symptoms should take note and contact their doctor if symptoms persist over 2 weeks.

Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain

It is normal to lose weight when we work out. It is also normal to gain weight when we eat too much pizza.

Yum… It is NOT normal to lose 15 pounds while on vacation!

According to the American Cancer Society “Unexplained weight loss is the first sign of cancer.”

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Unexplained weight loss is often linked to stomach, pancreatic, lung and esophagus cancers.

It is good to note that many women can lose an unusual amount of weight due to a hyperactive thyroid.

Persistent Cough

Have you been persistently coughing for 20+ days?

Get it checked out especially if you smoke or are exposed to second hand smoke.

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Lung cancer is the most aggressive forms of cancer their is and the most deadliest!

Change in Lymph Nodes

Noticing hard lumps in your neck or under you arms? Call your doctor!

Lymphoma is a top 10 cancer killer and can be very aggressive when spreading to larger lymph node or organs.

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One of the most easiest thing to ignore is FATIGUE!

If you are getting a 7-10 hours of sleep daily and still feel tired through out the day contact your doctor.

This is actually a very serious problem and should never be ignored. Internal blood loss is the primary factor for fatigue and is a sign of colon and stomach cancer.


Chronic vaginal discharge should be addressed with your doctor.

Many times discharge will simply be an infection, other times serious health issues can arise.

Chronic discharge can be a sign of cervical cancer.

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Skin Changes

Any irregular skin changes should be cause for concern.

Sores in the mouth that do not heal over time should not be ignored. Oral cancer is very common with people who chronically smoke or drink.

Changes in moles on the body can be a tall tell sign of skin cancer. This needs to be addressed immediately.

Skin cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer but can also be one the deadliest if left untreated!

Irregular Bleeding

Women who have gone through menopause please take note.  Any postmenopausal bleeding should not be ignored.

Postmenopausal bleeding can indicate cervical cancer or a endometrial polyp.

Contact your doctor today if you have been any irregular bleeding!

Rectal Bleeding

Did you know? Colon cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in woman.

Rectal bleeding should not be ignored. Abnormal bleeding will need to be accompanied by a colonoscopy.

Breast Changes

If you feel a lump PLEASE for love of all survivors contact your doctor.

Do NOT ignore it! Even if your mammogram came back normal from the last visit, get it checked out! Examine your breasts on a monthly basis is healthy practices.

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Anything unusual should be noted and discussed with your doctor. Chronic scaling or flaking of the nipples is usually a early indicator of Paget’s disease.

Any unusual bleeding or milking of the nipple needs to be checked out.

This signs and symptoms listed above are the most commonly seen in with cancer in women.

If you notice any major changes in your body, consult your doctor at the earliest.  If you find this article helpful then please share with your friends and family.

Awareness is always better.

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